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Getting started

Everything you need to get going quickly with O&D

Dragon AI

Dragon AI is powered by cutting-edge Generative AI

Turnsheets 101

A turnsheet is a simple table you use to create, update and review documents in O&D


Frequently asked questions about working in Office & Dragons


Collaborating with colleagues, clients or counter-parties on O&D in real time, discuss in the comments, and review turnsheets together to to improve accuracy

User management and billing

Numerous approaches to streamline user management and billing within Office & Dragons.

Advanced turnsheets

Advanced features and explanations for power users


Forms give your colleagues and clients an easy way to generate documents from your Merge sheet by filling out a guided questionnaire.

Document Automation

Automate complex documents with clause variations, conditions, and calculations. Built user interfaces. Create fully automated templates.


Integrate your iManage document management system with your Office & Dragons account.


Integrate your NetDocuments document management system with your Office & Dragons account.