Frequently asked questions about working in Office & Dragons

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How does O&D handle documents with pre-existing tracked changes?
Can I export my turnsheet to Excel?
What are the different folders in my file manager?
How do I clear my cache?
Why am I receiving an error when trying to open my downloaded documents in Word?
Can I leave inputs empty when carrying out automation?
How do I ONLY replace whole words in the documents?
I pasted a numbered list into my turnsheet, but why is it not matching anything in my document?
What's the best way to set up my turnsheet?
How do I unblock iManage when using an incognito browser window?
How do I add columns to my turnsheet?
Can I just remove square brackets from the text in the documents without changing anything else?
How can I remove unwanted highlighting within my documents when inserting text?
How do I suspend or remove a user?
Can I only replace text in square brackets?
How do I delete text from the documents without replacing it with anything?
Can I indent my lists?
Where can I find all my files?
How do I replace text in my file name?
Can I save my turnsheet / matter and return to it later?
How do I delete workspaces and empty the trash?
I've been added as a matter collaborator. What's the best way for me to sign up?
Can I use O&D solely to run batch redlines?
Can I reuse my turnsheet and documents from one matter to the next?
Can I replace or insert multiple paragraphs / clauses?
Can I automate documents with conditional logic?
What if I want to replace something in one place, but not everywhere? Or if I want to replace the same text with A in one place, and B in another?
What if I want to replace something in some documents, but not others? Or I want to replace the same text with one thing in Document A, and another in Document B?
Will it work with all of my document styles and formatting?
Is the order of rows and columns important in turnsheets?
How do I add formatting, like bold or underline, to the text that goes into my documents?
Can I edit PDFs in O&D?
Can I use O&D to generate mass emails?
What should I do if I keep getting file upload errors?
Why is the text being picked up in the redline that hasn’t been altered?