Templates help your team work faster and share best practices

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Templates help you and your team get started on new work faster and develop and enforce best practices across the whole team.

The Templates page in your navigation panel is a dedicated space for organizing, sharing, and updating template matters to reuse yourself and to share with your team. Within the Templates workspace on the Templates page, permissions work the same way as for any other workspace or matter. You can keep your templates public and available to everyone in your organization or make them private and you can choose who can view or edit them.

To save a template, click the . . . menu on any matter in your home page and choose Set as template. Go to the templates page to find your new template matter, make updates, and change share settings. Choosing Set as a template makes a copy of the turnsheet data, as well as the files in the matter (excluding redlines). Any updates you make within a template matter, are automatically saved while you work, just like any other matter in O&D.

Next time you create a new matter, chose Start with a template to clone a template as your starting point you can get started faster.

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