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Creating your first matter
Creating your first matter

So, you're using O&D for the very first time? Welcome! Here's where to start!

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Step 1: Create a workspace for your matter

When you're working on a matter for the first time in Office & Dragons, the first thing you'll want to do is choose a workspace to house it. Workspaces are containers for multiple matters, like a particular client or a project with several workstreams. If there isn't one already that fits your matter, make a new one by clicking the + Add Workspaces button in the menu.

Step 2: Create a new matter for the documents you're working on

Inside your new workspace, you can start adding matters. Matters in Office & Dragons house the documents and workflows you're working on. They're where you work on your matters!

Choose a workflow to add to your matter

When you're making your matter, you'll be asked to choose one workflow to start with. You can add more and more kinds of workflows later, but to start you'll need to add one of the following:

Find & Replace workflows let you update text in many different documents at once. It's like using Find and Replace in Word, but much more powerful and across all your documents at once.

Merge workflows let you spin out many copies of documents with different data for various entities (like employees, group companies, etc.). It's like using Mail Merge in Word, but easier to use and more powerful, and lets you duplicate multiple documents at once.

Version workflows let you see every version of your documents and redline all of them in a single click.

To Do tabs help you manage your matters by assigning tasks, updating statuses, and receiving reminders when a task is due โ€” all within the same space.

Database tabs let you manage and keep a record of the information for your matter, for example, the list of companies involved in the transaction.

Upload files

Upload some of the files you want to work on within your matter to get started. Don't worry, you don't have to add every file right now, you can add and remove files later. Office & Dragons works with any Word or PDF document, so you don't have to spend any time configuring templates to work with O&D.

Once you're done, clicking Submit will automatically drop you into your new matter

Step 3: Dragon AI

When you're dropped into your new matter the Dragon AI dialog will automatically open, from here you will choose your preferred generation method.

Data Extractor:

  • Placeholders: Extract placeholders in [square brackets] so you can fill them in from the turnsheet.

  • Data: Extract data points like names and addresses so you can change them from the turnsheet.

  • Footnotes: Extract footnotes from the documents to change them from the turnshet.

The generator allows you to generate customized Find & Replace turnsheets effortlessly using AI prompts.

Once you've chosen your generation method press Next and check that the fields are accurate then press Done.

Step 4: Preview, add and remove documents

Inside your matter, your workflows are organized in tabs. When you land in your new matter, you'll be inside the first tab you selected, and the documents you uploaded will automatically be added to this tab. You can view the documents by clicking the blue Documents button.

From this panel, you can preview documents created and edited by the workflow in the current tab, which you can read more about in the articles on Merge and Find & Replace.

You can add or remove documents from a workflow at any time from this panel, or click the File manager button in the turnsheet to open the file manager for your matter, where you can manage all of the files you've uploaded or created in Office & Dragons. You can upload, delete, or download any file from here.

Step 4: Add more workflows

You can add more workflows (tabs) to your matter by clicking the + button next to your other workflow tabs.

You can choose from 3 workflows at this time:

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