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Configuring your NetDocuments integration
Configuring your NetDocuments integration

Admins must integrate O&D as a third-party web app to utilize the NetDocuments integration. This article provides guidance on the process.

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Web Applications

From the Cabinet Administration page, click the button pictured below:

You will be taken to the page below, where they can view and manage access to external apps.

The Web Applications section lists the apps that are public on the NetDocuments Marketplace and that use the Send to Application API.

It will also show any unpublished ones that a firm might have added to the list manually. Since the web application you need to add is configured specifically for your Office & Dragons tenant, it is not published and will be added manually.

Instructions to add and enable the Office & Dragons application

  1. Begin by clicking on the option labeled 'Add unpublished app'.

  2. Enter the Client ID and proceed by clicking on the 'Add App' button.

  3. Ensure the application is ticked and enabled in the list.

  4. Finally, save your changes.

Next steps

Once this is complete, Office & Dragons platform administrators can enable the NetDocument integration in O&D.

You'll need to go to your Settings > Organization page in Office & Dragons, navigate to the Integrations tab, and toggle on Netdocument to enable the integration.

Log into NetDocuments from O&D and try the integration

Once you have enabled the integration, users will need to log into Settings > Profile page and navigate to the Integrations tab there to log in. Once logged in, they can start using the integration.

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