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Configuring your iManage integration
Configuring your iManage integration

This article guides admins on how to configure the Office & Dragons iManage integration in the iManage Work Server and in O&D.

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If you use, there is a simpler way to enable your integration. Please contact [email protected] to guide you through this.

To configure the iManage integration in Office & Dragons, you'll need to take the following steps:

  1. Confirm you are using a compatible iManage Work Server version (v10.2 or newer)

  2. Register and enable O&D in your iManage Work Server's Control Center

  3. Configure your iManage Work Server to allow communication with O&D

  4. Configure and enable the integration in the O&D settings

  5. Contact us to validate the registration

  6. Log into iManage from O&D and test your integration


The iManage integration in Office & Dragon is compatible iManage Work Server version 10.2 or newer.

The only thing that matters for compatibility is the server version. It doesn't matter whether your server is hosted in the cloud or on-prem, or whether your users use the iManage web client or the legacy DeskSite or FileSite on their computers. As long as you meet the minimum server version requirement, you can enable the integration.

Register and Enable Office & Dragons in your iManage Work Server's Control Center

You'll need to register and enable Office & Dragons in the Control Center for your iManage Work Server. The setup will be the same as for any other web app integration registration. The custom information you'll need is:


Office & Dragons


Office & Dragons cloud application

API Key / Client ID



Office & Dragons Ltd.


Contact email

Redirect URL

Allow Refresh Token


Refresh Token Expiry

365 days

Access Token Expiry

30 mins

During the process, you will be prompted to auto-generate an "API Secret" / "Client Secret" β€” please copy and save this somewhere, as you will need it in a later step.

After completing the registration, make sure to enable it.

Configure your iManage Work Server to allow communication with Office & Dragons

If you self-host your iManage Work Server on-prem or in a VPC and you have not already done so, you will need to allow your iManage Work Server to be accessible through the internet:

  1. Your iManage Work Server will need a public URL that can be accessed over the internet.

  2. Your firewall settings must allow external connections to your iManage Work Server over the internet.

This can be made more secure by using a whitelist to only allow inbound connections from the Office & Dragons server IP address:

(Please note that if you have single-tenant deployment of O&D, you will need to whitelist a different IP address. Please contact us in the help chat or email [email protected] to request your IP address details).

If you run into any issues or have any questions regarding this step, it is best to address them directly to iManage Support. Since everyone's iManage setup is different, iManage will be better able to assist you here than we can.

Configure and enable the integration in the Office & Dragons settings

After you complete the registration, you'll need to return to your Settings > Organization page in Office & Dragons, navigate to the iManage tab, and click the blue Add iManage for organization button to enable the integration. You can then click the Add New Server button to add your work server URL, the API Key / Client ID, and the API Secret / Client Secrter you generated for O&D during registration in the iManage Control Center.

Important: when inputting your work server URL, include the starting https:// and do not include a trailing / at the end. Here is a correctly formatted URL: Here is an incorrectly formatted URL:

If you have multiple iManage Work Servers that you would like to connect to O&D, you will need to repeat all of these steps with each server.

Contact us to validate the registration

Once the above steps have been completed, please contact contact us in the help chat or email [email protected] to let us know that a new server has been added to O&D. We will review the configuration and add any required configuration on our end to allow your iManage server to communicate with O&D. Once this is done from our side, we will respond to confirm and you can proceed to logging in and testing your integration.

Log into iManage from O&D and try the integration

Once you have enabled the integration, users will need to log into Settings > Profile page and navigate to the iManage tab there to log in. Once logged in, they can start using the integration.


403 error

If you receive a 403 error, it could be due to a timeout during the authentication process. To address this problem, please ensure that the Work Token Grant Expiry time on your iManage Work server is set to at least 30 seconds and try again.

Other issues

If you run into other issues, please contact us in the help chat or email [email protected] so we can help you troubleshoot your integration. Please include the error code and any error message you received, as well as screenshots of the full O&D application registration details you input in your iManage Work Server's Control Center.

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