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Can I use O&D solely to run batch redlines?
Can I use O&D solely to run batch redlines?

Yes. Within a Versions tab, you can run a redline between any two versions of any doc, and save redlines for all of them in a click.

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Yes, you can add a Versions tab within your matter to easily keep track of your document versions throughout the whole life cycle of the matter and instantly redline all of them.

Click the blue Redlines button above the Versions turnsheet to open the redlines panel, where you can select between any two versions of a file to preview. Use the dropdown menu to select the versions to compare and the eye icon to view the redline. Click the Next button at the bottom of the panel to save all of the redlines in Word or PDF format all at once. You can then find them in your file manager and download them all if you want to email them to someone off-platform.

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