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Document management, versions, and batch redlines
Document management, versions, and batch redlines

Create a Versions tab to see every version of your documents and redline all of them in a single click.

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Managing document versions

You can add a Versions tab within your matter to easily keep track of your documents throughout their entire life cycle. Documents you upload, new versions created in Find & Replace workflows, and new documents created with Merge will automatically appear in your Versions tab.

To add a new version, add a column to the turnsheet and click the + Add File button inside the cell or create a versions workflow when you are creating a new matter.

Click the expander button near the row number to open the expanded row pop-out, where you can preview, download or delete any version of the document.

Batch upload new versions

When the other side sends back comments on a suite of documents, or you've made updates to several documents offline, and you want to upload them all at once, click the Batch Upload button above your turnsheet, select the documents you want to upload and use the wizard to quickly match them to the original files. The entire suite of new versions will then be uploaded all at once. Additionally, you can toggle on to change the name of the file in O&D to the new version's filename.

Using the file manager

Click File Manager button to open the file manager for your matter. Inside the file manager, you'll see all of the files you uploaded or created on Office & Dragons across all of your workflows. You can upload, delete, or download any file from here.

Inside the file manager, click the 3-dot menu on a file and select the Manage versions option from the menu to manage versions for the individual file.

Batch redlines

Click the blue Redlines button above the Versions turnsheet to open the redlines panel, where you can select between any two versions of a file to preview. Use the dropdown menu to select the versions to compare and the eye icon to view the redline. Click the Next button at the bottom of the panel to save all of the redlines in Word or PDF format all at once. You can then find them in your file manager and download them all if you want to email them to someone off-platform.

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