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Adding new workflows (tabs)
Adding new workflows (tabs)

Add more workflows (tabs) to your matter by clicking the + button above your turnsheet.

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Inside your matter, your workflows are organized in tabs. You can add a new workflow by clicking the + button next to your other workflow tabs. There are 3 different workflow types you can choose from at this time (more coming soon!):

Find & Replace workflows let you update text in many different documents at once. It's like using Find and Replace in Word, but much more powerful and across all your documents at once.

Merge workflows let you spin out many copies of documents with different data for various entities (like employees, group companies, etc.). It's like using Mail Merge in Word, but easier to use and more powerful, and lets you duplicate multiple documents at once.

Versions tabs let you manage versions of all the files in your matter, upload an entire suite of new versions at once, and redline all of them in a click.

To Do tabs help you manage your matters by assigning tasks, updating statuses, and receiving reminders when a task is due โ€” all within the same space.

Database tabs let you manage and keep a record of the information for your matter for example list of companies in the transaction.

You can also make a new tab by cloning an existing tab, which will make a new one of the same type with the same turnsheet and data in it. Click the tab you want to clone to open the dropdown menu, then click Clone tab.

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