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Add a Database tab to help you keep track of information for your matter.

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You can add a Database tab within your matter to help you keep a record of the information for your matter. Database tabs are shared with everyone in your matter, providing a single source of truth that everyone can align on and refer back to. For example, you can use a Database tab to create an issues list for an M&A deal and track the position and status of each negotiating point in real-time. You can add as many database tabs as you need โ€” another one might contain a list of new companies incorporated for the deal and their date and jurisdiction of incorporation.

To add a Database tab to your matter click the + button above your turnsheet. You can also choose to create a new matter with a Database tab.

There are four default columns within the database tab: Name, Number, Notes, and attachments. You can edit or remove these, as well as add more columns.

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