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Add or remove documents
Add or remove documents

Add or remove documents from your workflows and manage files for your matter.

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Add or remove documents in a workflow

Inside your matter, your workflows are organized in tabs. You can add and remove documents from a Merge or Find & Replace workflow by clicking the Documents button.

From this panel, you can preview documents created and edited by the workflow in the current tab and you can add or remove documents from this workflow.

Add documents

To add files, press the Add Files button inside the panel. Clicking the button will open the Select Files dialog, where you can upload more files and select them to add to your tab.

When you select files to add, any square bracketed text inside the documents will be pulled out automatically by O&D and added to your turnsheet.

Remove documents

To remove documents from the panel, click the 3-dot menu button on any of the documents in the panel and select either Remove from tab to remove it from the current workflow (but keep it in the matter) or Delete to delete it from the matter entirely.

Manage all of the files in your matter

Click the File Manager button in your turnsheet to open the file manager for your matter. Inside the file manager, you'll see all of the files you uploaded or created on Office & Dragons across all of your workflows. You can upload, delete, or download any file from here.

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