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Why is my text not being matched as expected?
Why is my text not being matched as expected?

When text doesn't match, check for typos in the Find text, Merge columns, or document.

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When you encounter issues with text not matching as expected, it's often due to a typo in either the Find text or Merge column or in the document. Common mistakes include having an extra space at the end of your search text in the Find or Merge column, especially if it's at the end of a sentence, or inconsistencies in punctuation within the document, like missing commas or unnecessary periods.

First, check that in your Find or Merge column, you have typed the name correctly without any extra spaces at the end, or other inaccuracies. In the Find & Replace workflow utilizing the Trim Whitespace feature can be beneficial here; simply right-click on the cell and select Trim Whitespace to remove any extra spaces.

If that is still failing to match the name in some places, try finding a place in the document preview where the name did not change, and copying the name directly from that document. If you are using Find & Replace workflow paste the text into a new row of your instructions. For the Merge workflow, create a new column and paste it into the column heading. Then press Update Preview to see if it is being matched. It could be, for example, that there is a difference in spelling in some places that is causing it not to match.

If after trying these two solutions your text is still not matching please contact us in the help chat or email [email protected] so we can help you troubleshoot.

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