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Find & Replace

Find and replace text in many different documents at once.

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In Office & Dragons, a Find & Replace-Style turnsheet is used to make conforming changes across a suite of documents. It's helpful when you need to Top-And-Tail an existing document suite, update a set of agreed forms, or even update a mistake you may have found in a set of documents.

Parts of the turnsheet

Find column

The Find column contains the text that Office & Dragons will find in your documents and file names. This text will be replaced with the text in the Replace column.

By default, text in the Find column is matched case-insensitively and regardless of whether the text is a whole word, or part of another work (i.e., typing Ed in the find column will match both Ed and sorted in the documents). You can change the default behavior by toggling different editing options.

NB: your Find column text is not restricted to text in square brackets.

Replace Column

The Replace Column contains the text that Office & Dragons will insert in place of the text in the Find Column. You can find and replace any text, from a single word to multiple pages.

By default, lowercase letters in the Repalce column will be changed to uppercase letters in the documents to match the case of the text that's being replaced (either Title Case or ALL CAPS). You can change the default behavior by enabling Match Case in the editing options, which will cause the text from the Replace column to be inserted exactly as you typed it in the turnsheet.


Each row represents a separate instruction for Office & Dragons to update your document. It contains a Find cell and a Replace cell. Office & Dragons will go through your documents and look for any text that is in a particular Find cell and replace that text with anything that is in the corresponding Replace cell. These changes can be viewed in the preview pane and will be applied to create new versions of the documents.

Additional columns can be added to improve your workflow. The contents of the columns will not be applied to the documents.

If you need to add additional rows, you can click the + Add New button at the bottom of your turnsheet.

For a more comfortable view of a row, you can hover over a row number and click the expand icon to open the expanded row popout. From here, you can view each row on its own screen and toggle editing options.

Select and preview documents

To view your previews click the Documents button in your turnsheet toolbar to view your document previews and add or remove documents.

NB: Generating previews will NOT count towards your document limits. These simply show you previews of what your updated documents will look like once you click Apply to Documents.

Here, you will be shown a list of all the documents you have selected for this workflow.

Once choosing a preview to view, the preview pane will open. It will allow you to preview the changes that will be made to your documents as a redline against the original. You can use this to review your documents before producing any documents to ensure that you are making the correct updates.

NB: By default, changes applied to the documents will match the format and style of your document. This can be changed with Rich Text columns, editing options, and formatting power-ups.

You can choose whether to show document previews with or without the tracked changes. This makes it easier to verify the document is correct without the tracked changes. Click the toggle beside the Update Preview button within the preview pane and choose Show tracked changes or Don't show tracked changes.

Use the controls within document previews, to navigate through previews seamlessly, without the need to close, press back, and select the next document every single time. Seamlessly transition between different documents.

To remove documents from the panel, click the 3-dot menu button on any of the documents in the panel and select either Remove from tab to remove it from the current workflow (but keep it in the matter) or Delete to delete it from the matter entirely.

Apply to Documents

After reviewing and confirming the documents click Save and open the Apply to Documents options.

You have flexibility in how you save your documents. By default New versions are toggled on this will version up the documents in the file manager. Furthermore, if you anticipate there may be further changes to the matter details in the turnsheet you can opt for saving new documents instead of creating new versions.

New documents will be saved in a folder containing all the updated documents created by your turnsheet (one suite of documents for each Entity Row on your turnsheet). This will be in the File section of your File Manager.

By default, Snapshots are turned on. These contain New versions and Redlines. Additionally, you can also choose to save an Excel copy of your turnsheet as well as copies of your original documents.

Regardless of which option you choose, clicking Finish will then cause Office & Dragons to apply the instructions from your turnsheet.

NB: Once you click Save, any documents created by Office & Dragons will count against your subscription total.

After clicking Save, you'll see a progress bar pop up in the Save Manager, where you can keep an eye on your save progress in real-time. The Save Manager will also keep a history of your previous saves, and clicking on any one of them will instantly take you to the file manager for that matter.

To learn more about turnsheets check out Turnsheets 101 next! Or, if you want to learn about a related workflow for generating new suites documents, check out Merge.

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