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Automate your documents with conditional logic. Create turnsheet columns that automatically fill and update based on other inputs.

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You can use the Automate feature to create turnsheet columns that automatically fill and update themselves based on other inputs. Automating your turnsheet columns means less typing, so your work gets done faster with no room for error. Automation also helps build more complex document options in Merge workflows, like inserting an optional GDPR clause based on a checkbox selection.

Automate documents with conditional logic

To automate a column, select Edit Column for any Text or Rich text column in your turnsheet and press the Automate toggle. From there, use the if-then logic builder to specify what should appear in each row of this column based on the inputs in another column.

You can add multiple conditions to an if-statement, using AND and OR logical operators for multi-value comparisons. You can also add multiple rules within the logic builder, which add else if ... then ... else statements to your flow, allowing your automation to produce more than two possible outcomes.

Once you’re done setting it up, click Update to populate the column with the results. The results will automatically update themselves if the values in the input column change. Any new rows you add to the column will be automatically populated, too.

Automation results

Use the dropdown menu in the Then and Else fields of the logic builder to choose between several possible automation results:

  • Replace with — replace the matched text in the document with the text you specify.

  • Remove square brackets — remove [square brackets] from the matched text, but otherwise leave the text unchanged.

  • Delete — delete the matched text in the document.

  • Do nothing — this will do nothing; the matched text will not be changed.

Reuse and share your automations

If you want to reuse the same automations in your next matter or share them with your team, save your matter as a template, so you don't have to build them from scratch next time.

Automating with formulas

In addition to automating with conditional logic, you can automate columns using formulas.

Generate conditional automation with AI

Repetitive tasks can be automated effortlessly. Our Conditional Automation feature allows you to enter a prompt that defines the conditions and actions and generates the appropriate conditional logic.

To automate a column with conditional automation, select Edit Column and press the Automate toggle. Next, enter your prompt such as 'If the {[Company Name]} has Gandalf in it, then it's Minas Tirith. If the company has Sauron in it, it's Mordor. Otherwise, it's The Shire.' and click on the Write Logic button. You can then review your result and press update.

To use this feature and other AI features, Admins must first enable them in Settings > Organisation > Configurations > Dragon AI.

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