Formulas save you time and prevent user input and calculation errors.

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In addition to automating with conditional logic, you can automate columns using formulas. The formulas you use in Office & Dragons are very similar to the formulas within Excel. They help you do more with automation, increase your productivity, and decrease the risk of making calculation mistakes

To automate a column with formulas, select Edit Column for any column in your turnsheet and press the Automate toggle. Then, press the Formula button to get started.

All of the formulas and all of your turnsheet fields are listed right below the formula bar, with helpful hints explaining how each one works. Click on any one of them to insert it into your formula bar. As you type, the list will narrow down to match your typing, making it easy to find the right one.

If you want to reuse the same formulas in your next matter or share them with your team, save your matter as a template, so you don't have to build them from scratch next time.

Generate Formulas with AI

Our AI-driven Formula Generation feature allows you to enter a prompt that defines the desired calculations and generates the appropriate formula.

To automate a column with formulas, select Edit Column and press the Automate toggle. Next, enter your prompt such as 'If the {[Company Name]} has Gandalf in it, then it's Minas Tirith. If the company has Sauron in it, it's Mordor. Otherwise, it's The Shire.' and click on the Write Logic button. You can then review your result and press update.

To use this feature and other AI features, Admins must first enable them in Settings > Organisation > Configurations > Dragon AI.

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