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What is a turnsheet?
What is a turnsheet?

A turnsheet is a simple table you use to create, update and review documents in O&D.

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At the center of every workflow is a table called a turnsheet. In Office & Dragons, you don't draft and review documents one at a time by clicking into each one. You work with all of your documents at once using a turnsheet.

The articles on Find & Replace and Merge Mode go over the basics of using turnsheets to get documents done quickly and review them easily for each workflow type.

Collaborating with others in real time

Turnsheets are shared with all of your matter members. Any changes you make are visible in real time by them (similar to working in a Google Sheet). When others are viewing the turnsheet at the same time as you, you'll see their avatar appear in the turnsheet. When they click on a cell, you'll see a colored border appear around the cell to show you they are working there. You shouldn't type into a cell that someone else is in, otherwise you might overwrite each other's work on accident.

Expanded row pop-out

If you hover over the row number column at the left end of the turnsheet, you'll see a grey expand button appear near the row number.

Clicking this button opens the expanded row pop-out. This gives you a more comfortable interface for inputting content into your turnsheet, especially when you want to type multiple paragraphs into the turnsheet.

You can use the arrow keys at the top left of the pop-out to move up and down between rows.

Clicking the Comments button at the top right will open the comments drawer, which you can use to communicate with other matter members. Try @-mentioning them in a comment!

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