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Cross-references, footnotes, and endnotes
Cross-references, footnotes, and endnotes

Modify, insert, and remove cross-references, footnotes, and endnotes across your documents.

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You can insert cross-references to numbered paragraphs in your documents by entering the special command ^{Text from paragraph you want to reference} in the Replace with: cell. You can insert footnotes and endnotes using the special commands ^f{Footnote contents} and ^e{Endnote contents}, respectively.

When using these commands, you cannot have any other text in the Replace with: cell outside of the curly brackets.

If you don't already have text in the document you want to replace with a reference, you can leverage the sequential processing of turnsheet instructions to set up the replacement, as shown in the examples below.

Example: Cross-references


1. This is paragraph one.
2. This is paragraph two with a reference.


Find what: reference
Replace with: reference to paragraph [ref para 1]

Find what: [ref para 1]
Replace with: ^{This is paragraph one.}


1. This is paragraph one.
2. This is paragraph two with a reference to paragraph 1.

You don't need to input the entire text of the paragraph you want to reference inside the curly brackets, just enough to uniquely match the desired paragraph. If more than one paragraph in the document matches the text in the curly brackets, multiple cross-references will be inserted.

Example: Footnotes and Endnotes


Insert a footnote here.


Find what: here
Replace with: here[fn 1]

Find what: [fn 1]
Replace with: ^f{This is a footnote.}

Note: In a Merge workflow, "Find what:" is your column heading, and "Replace with:" is the row content.


Insert a footnote here(1).

1. This is a footnote.

Replacing or deleting


Cross-references (like other Fields) are matched and replaced like normal text in your documents.

Tip: You can quickly find broken references across all of your documents by entering Error! Reference source not found. in the Find what: text.

You need to enter the cross-reference as it appears in the original documents, prior to any modifications made to them by other editing instructions in your turnsheet. For the same reason, cross-references inserted in one editing instruction cannot be deleted by a subsequent editing instruction in the same turnsheet.

Footnotes and endnotes

Text inside footnotes and endnotes is matched just like any other text. To replace text in a footnote or endnote, just enter the relevant instruction in your turnsheet, just like you would for anything else.

To remove a footnote or endnote from the document, set up your Find what: text to match the entire footnote or endnote text and leave the Replace with: cell empty (or use the {{delete}} power-up). When all of the text from a footnote or endnote is deleted, O&D's smart delete will automatically remove it from the documents.



The LP's commitment shall be $20 million(1).
The fund shall be domiciled in Ireland(2).

1. TBC
2. Subject to Tax review.


Find what: TBC
Replace with:

Find what: Tax
Replace with: Tax and Regulatory

Note: In a Merge workflow, "Find what:" is your column heading, and "Replace with:" is the row content.


The LP's commitment shall be $20 million.
The fund shall be domiciled in Ireland(1).

1. Subject to Tax and Regulatory review.

Note: The special text sequences in this article can be found in the Power Ups menu in your turnsheets. You can use power-ups in your Find & Replace Find column, Merge column headings, and in any Text type columns (they won't work in Rich Text columns).

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