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Change the column type to Rich Text to insert formatted (bold, italics, etc.) text in your documents. Or use power-ups in Text columns.

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Rich Text columns

Set the column type in the turnsheet to Rich Text to add bold, italics, underline, and other formatting to your text.

When text is inserted from a Rich Text column, none of the formatting from the matched text is inherited, so the formatting of the inserted text is exactly as it is in your turnsheet. This is useful when e.g., the placeholder text in the documents has unwanted highlighting, bolding, or other formatting you don't want in the final document.

Formatting in Text columns

While it's normally better to use Rich Text columns to insert formatted text, they may be cases where you need to insert formatted text in plain Text columns.

By default, the font format of the text inserted into the document matches the format of the text it is replacing. For example, if the matched text is bold, the inserted text will be bold, too. You can customize the font format (bold, italic, underline, or unformatted) that you want to be applied to the inserted text by surrounding text in the turnsheet cell with special power-up characters, as shown in the following table and example:

Special characters


** (double asterisk)


~~ (double tilde)


__ (double underscore)


|| (double pipe)

Unformatted (remove all formatting)

You can apply multiple formats and nest formatting characters. For example, this is **~~bold italic~~** and this is **__~~bold underlined italic~~__**.

Unformat (||) will be applied before any other formatting. If you want to clear any default formatting inherited from the matched text, surround the entire text with ||. For example, ||this part will definitely be unformatted and **this part will be bold only**||.



The Company shall enter into the transaction. The purchase price shall be $100,000,000.


Find what: Company
Replace with: Company and its subsidiaries (together, the "**__Group__**")

Find what: $100,000,000
Replace with: ||10x EBIDTA||


The Company and its subsidiaries (together, the "Group") shall enter into the transaction. The purchase price shall be 10x EBITDA.

Note: The special text sequences in this article can be found in the Power Ups menu in your turnsheets. You can use power-ups in your Find & Replace Find column, Merge column headings, and in any Text type columns (they won't work in Rich Text columns).

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