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Using iManage in Office & Dragons
Using iManage in Office & Dragons

Integrate your iManage document management system with your Office & Dragons account.

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You can integrate your iManage document management system with your Office & Dragons account. This integration allows you to instantly access and upload your files from iManage into Office & Dragons and seamlessly sync new document versions between the two platforms.

Uploading Files

You can upload iManage files, folders, or even entire workspaces from the new matter wizard by pressing Import from iManage. This will open the iManage dialog, when you select a file you will see File imported at the bottom of the screen, this means that the iManage file has been imported to your matter wizard. You can also upload iManage files from the file manager by selecting Add new and then iManage upload.

Sync new versions

You can also easily sync new versions of documents between Office & Dragons and iManage, to ensure your files on both platforms are always up to date. To push the latest versions of all files to iManage select Push latest iManage files, this automatically updates the file version in iManage. Additionally to pull the latest versions of files from iManage select Pull latest iManage files.

Forbidden characters in filenames

Filenames cannot contain the following characters: / \ ? % * : | ” > <. If any of these characters are present in your iManage filename and you import the file into Office & Dragons, they will be displayed as underscores. For instance, "Project Smaug / [Company Name] / Shareholder Resolution" would appear as "Project Smaug _ [Company Name]_ Shareholder Resolution." If you send the file back to iManage from Office & Dragons, these underscores will remain.


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