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Can O&D be used for redaction?
Can O&D be used for redaction?

Yes, O&D can be used for redaction using our Find & Replace workflow.

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Yes, O&D's Find & Replace workflow can be used for redaction. Simply use the Find & Replace feature to find specific words or phrases and replace them with your desired redacted text. For example, you can easily replace "Sauron Limited" with [Company Name] to keep the company's name confidential.

Additionally, our AI Turnsheet Generator is a powerful tool that can assist with redaction. Simply provide an instruction like, "Find details related to Sauron Limited and redact them by replacing them with [Company Name], [Address], etc." The AI will then take the first pass at generating your turnsheet, making the redaction process even easier. There are limits on the throughput the AI can process at one time, so if there are a lot of documents, they'll need to split the docs into a few smaller batches and run the AI on each batch separately.

Although AI will take the first pass at generating your turnsheet, O&D always keeps you in control. Through your turnsheet and document previews, you have the ability to verify and modify the work the AI has done, so you can be confident your documents will be 100% complete and correct when you click Save.

While Find & Replace also works with PDF documents, it does have some limitations. You can still replace text, but it won't be able to do black bar redaction like in Adobe.

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