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Anatomy of editing instructions
Anatomy of editing instructions

Turnsheets consist of editing instructions which tell O&D how to create or update your documents.

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Office & Dragons creates and updates documents according to editing instructions contained in your turnsheets. Each editing instruction consists of 3 parts:

  1. Find what:

  2. Replace with:

In a Find & Replace turnsheet, each row is an editing instruction consisting of the text in the Find column and the Replace column and editing options than can be accessed from the expanded row pop-out by pressing the down arrow next to Find. Here's what a single editing instruction in a Find & Replace turnsheet looks like:

In a Merge turnsheet, each column heading + row cell pair creates an editing instruction, where the Find what: is the column heading and the Replace with: is the text in the row cell. The editing options can be set through the edit column dialog for the relevant column and are shared by all editing instructions created from the column. Here's what a single editing instruction in a Merge turnsheet looks like:

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