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Collaborating in matters
Collaborating in matters

Collaborate with others in real time, discuss in the comments, and review turnsheets together.

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Real time collaboration

Office & Dragons is a fully real time platform. That means that anything you do in O&D β€” creating a new matter, uploading files, typing in a turnsheet, creating new documents or versions, etc. β€” is visible right away to anyone you're sharing the relevant matters or workspace with.


Clicking the Comments button in a turnsheet expanded row pop-out will open the comments pane, which you can use to communicate with other matter members. Try @-mentioning them in a comment!

When someone @-mentions you in a comment, you'll receive a notification. You'll also see an icon appear in the turnsheet row, next to the row number, indicating the row contains an unread comment.

Checking activity

You can check who's done what in a matter by clicking the Activity button.

Organization admins can also audit activity for the entire organization.

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