User management

Add or remove Admins, Members, and Guests in your organization.

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An organization in Office & Dragons is a shared space for you and everyone else in your company. The member management page can be found by going to Settings > Organization > Members. Only users with the Admin role have access to this page.

Inviting new users to your organization

Admins can invite new members to your organization by clicking the Add New User button.

You can add multiple users at once by adding a comma after each user, for example: [email protected],[email protected]

You can add someone as a Member, Admin, or Guest.




Access to all public workspaces in your organization. Can create new workspaces and matters.


Same as a member, but also has extra administrative permissions in the organization (e.g., billing and user management).

Super admin

Same as an admin, but a super admin cannot be added, it defaults to whoever created the organization. Super admins also have permission to delete the organization.


Collaborators from outside your company. They can only access and view workspaces or matters they are explicitly invited to (even if it's public), and they cannot make new ones. Guests can only create new matters in a workspace that's been shared with them (assuming they have the proper workspace permission level to do so).

Changing a user's role

Admins can change a user's role by clicking the three-dot menu under Actions, selecting Edit, then changing the role from the dropdown in the popout that appears on the side and clicking the Update button.

Suspending and removing users

Admins temporarily block a user's access to your organization by suspending their account. To suspend an account, click the three-dot menu under Actions and select Suspend account.

When you suspend an account, the user has no access to matters within the organization and won't receive any emails. A suspended account can be restored at any time.

If suspending is not enough and you need to remove an account completely, please contact us in the chat or email [email protected] and we will help you do so.

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