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Sharing workspaces and matters
Sharing workspaces and matters

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Public vs Private

When creating a new workspace or matter, you'll have the choice to make it public (default) or private.

Public workspaces are automatically shared with everyone in your organization. A public matter is automatically shared with everyone who has access to the workspace.

Private workspaces and Private matters aren't shared with anyone by default. You have to invite collaborators explicitly by clicking one of the Share buttons in O&D.

You can switch a matter or workspace from public to private (and vice versa) and change member permissions by clicking on one of the Share buttons in O&D.

Invite new collaborators

You can invite additional collaborators to your workspace or matter by clicking one of the Share buttons in O&D. If the person you're inviting is not yet a member of your organization, they will automatically be invited to join your organization as either a Member (if their email address has the same domain as yours) or a Guest.

You can add multiple users at once by adding a comma after each user, for example: [email protected],[email protected]

You can change their role or remove them later by clicking one of the Share buttons again.

You can also change their role in the organization or remove them from the organization.

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