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Transaction Management (To Do)
Transaction Management (To Do)

Add a To Do tab to organise and visualise your workflow

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You can add a To Do tab within your matter to organize and visualize your workflow throughout the entire life cycle.

To add a To Do tab to your matter, click the + button above your turnsheet. You can also choose to start a new matter with just a To Do tab to help you keep track of your daily tasks.

Within the To Do tab, there are five default columns:

  • Task name - A clearly defined task name to show the work to be done or undertaken.

  • Status - By changing the color-coded status to either Not started, Next up, In progress, or completed, everyone working with you on this matter can easily see each other's progress.

  • Assign - Assign tasks to team members so everyone knows who's responsible for taking them forward. Click the dropdown selection to change the assignee.

  • Priority - Let everyone know the priority of this task by selecting High, Medium, or Low priority from the dropdown.

  • Due Date - View and make changes to task dates. You will also receive a reminder notification on the due date.

You can edit these columns, and add more columns of various types. A particularly useful column type is attachment, which lets you attach a document to your task. Use this column to turn your To Do tab into a document checklist for your matter.


Clicking the Comments button in a turnsheet expanded row pop-out will open the comments pane which you can use to communicate with others. This is the best way to ask a question or offer helpful guidance to a colleague regarding a specific task you're working on. Make sure to @-mention them in the comment to ensure they are notified and can get back to you quickly!

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