Billing table

The billing table can be downloaded to keep track of transactions and add to your client billing records.

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Admins who have access to the Billing section in an organization can view a table tracking all of the documents created by users in the organization. The table can be downloaded as a CSV.

Admins can also enable Billing IDs for matters in O&D, and choose whether or not they are required for new matters. If enabled, the Billing ID can be used to match documents created in an O&D matter with data from your other business systems (e.g., time recording, client invoicing, etc.).

If you are an Admin, you can view the billing table at any time by going to Settings > Organization > Billing inside the app.

The billing table contains the following:

  • Date: The date that the transaction took place.

  • ID: The Billing ID is assigned by the user when creating a new matter.

  • Matter: This shows the matter name.

  • Owner: The owner will show the name of the person who created the matter.

  • User: This shows which user saved the documents.

  • Updated Documents: This shows the number of files generated.

Editing a Billing ID

The Billing ID is assigned by the user when creating a new matter however it can be changed by pressing the matter three-dot menu and select Rename matter to edit the Billing ID.

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