Tags can help the way you organize your work within O&D.

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You can apply any number of tags to matters in your workspace to identify and organize your work. With the Tags feature, you can apply multiple tags to matters, such as "Private Equity" and "Board Resolutions", right from the create matter dialog. You can choose from a list pre-defined by your organization's admins and should the necessary tag be missing, you have the freedom to introduce custom tags, ensuring every matter is accurately labeled.

Administration and Management of Tags

Managing Tags

Super admins and admins play a crucial role in managing the tags system. They can add, update, or remove tags to keep the list relevant and comprehensive. This is done through the central repository, which is accessible from the Organisation settings under the "Tags" section.

Integrating Tags with Transactions and Data Management

To further enhance work organization and analysis, we've integrated tags into the Transactions and Data Management tables. This integration allows for a more detailed and nuanced analysis of the types of transactions and documents users are creating within O&D.

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