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I pasted a numbered list into my turnsheet, but why is it not matching anything in my document?
I pasted a numbered list into my turnsheet, but why is it not matching anything in my document?

When pasting a copied list into the O&D turnsheet, the list numbering markers need to be removed.

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If you pasted a numbered list into your turnsheet but it's not matching anything in your document, make sure to delete any list numbering markers from the text you pasted into your turnsheet.

Automatic list numbering markers in Word, like (a), (b), (c), etc. in the screenshot above, are not "real" text in the document. Therefore, including them in the turnsheet will actually prevent the text from matching, and removing them from the turnsheet will resolve the issue and result in a match.

When trying to copy complex, multi-level list items from your document into your turnsheet, consider copying and pasting each list item into O&D one at a time into the same cell or column heading. This will prevent the list numbering markers from being copied into the turnsheet.

Remember, a single space in O&D will match any number of whitespace characters (including tabs and line breaks) in the document, so you don't need to worry about matching the exact spaces or line breaks!

Alternatively, you can place square brackets at the start and end of the list in the document, and O&D will automatically add the text to your turnsheet when you add the document to your matter.

If you are copying text across multiple pages from your document, you'll need to remember to delete any copied-over page numbers, footers, etc. from the turnsheet cell. The screenshot below shows all of the text that would be copied and pasted into the turnsheet cell originally and highlights in red the text that needs to be deleted from the turnsheet cell in order for the match to occur.

Fig 1. Before deleting: no match

Fig 2. After deleting: a match!

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